Flora Force Dong Quai Capsules 60's

Flora Force

Dong quai is commonly used to treat health conditions in women – to relieve the symptoms of menopause, PMS, period cramps, anaemia caused by menstruation and fatigue or low energy. Dong quai is used in both men and women for heart conditions, to lower blood pressure and ease inflammation, headache, infections and nerve pain. The World Health Organization Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 2 describes Angelica sinensis as an ingredient for ‘Treatment of menstrual disorders such as irregular menstruation, amenorrhoea and dysmenorrhea; as an analgesic for symptomatic treatment of rheumatic arthralgia (joint pain), abdominal pain and in the management of postoperative pain’. More clinical data is needed to support its reputation. Clove is prescribed to: Dong Quai is prescribed to: Alleviate PMS. Regulate menstrual cycles. Ease the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and vaginal dryness. Relieve chronic muscle pain and cramps. Support blood circulation. Relieve pain caused by rheumatism. CAUTION Talk to your medical practitioner before taking any herbal supplements. Dong quai, particularly in high doses, may make you more sensitive to sunlight and cause skin inflammation and rashes. Stay out of the sun or use high-SPF sunscreen while taking it. Do not use dong quai during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Do not administer to children. Dong quai may interact with blood-thinning or platelet-inhibiting drugs. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before embarking on a course of natural remedies.

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